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** Beach Stickers Can Be Purchased at the Truro Beach Office, 36 Shore Rd, North Truro. **

The Town of Truro boasts eleven beautiful town beaches. Parking spaces at all town beaches are limited and is restricted to those vehicles bearing a valid Beach parking Sticker. Stickers do not guarantee a parking space; parking at each beach is available on a first-come, first-served basis for all sticker owners. When a beach parking lot is full, sticker holders are invited to visit another beach with parking availability. Vehicles may not sit idle to "wait" for spots to become available. Motor vehicle operators are permitted to drop off beach goers at the entrance of the lot, but the operator must remain in the vehicle during the drop off. Larger public parking facilities are available at Head of the Meadow beach on the ocean side and Corn Hill beach on the bayside. These two beaches are equipped with ample parking (160+ spots) for vehicles with Truro Beach Stickers. By purchasing a sticker or a daily hang tag, the consumer is agreeing to abide by the beach and parking rules and regulations of the Town of Truro. Stickers are available at the Truro Beach Office located at 36 Shore Rd., North Truro (Rt 6A). 

General Information

The Truro Recreation & Beach Department is the Administrative Authority for the eleven Town Beaches, the Beach Attendants, and the lifeguards.