Beach Fires

beach fires

Beach Fire Permits will be issued by the Truro Recreation & Beach Department. Orders can be placed online from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm on the day you are requesting a beach fire. The cost for a beach fire is $10.00 per beach fire. 




Available at the Truro Community Center and the Truro Library, both located at 7 Standish Way, North Truro.


A kiosk station is available at the following locations and times:

  • Truro Beach Office (36 Shore Rd, North Truro) from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, 7 days a week, from the second Saturday in June through Labor Day.

A designated number (x) of Beach Fires are allowed at ONLY the following town beaches, with a fire permit: 

  • Ballston Beach (6)
  • Beach Point (2)
  • Coast Guard Beach (4)
  • Corn Hill Beach (5)
  • Fisher Beach (2)
  • Head of the Meadow Beach (6)
  • Noons Landing (2)


  • Truro Resident
  • Individuals staying in Truro (verification required)

Guidelines and Regulations:

  • Requests are accepted the day of.
  • Reservations are accepted after 8:00 am until 2:00 pm, on the day of. 
  • Individuals will only be allowed to request, in total, (1) beach fire permit in a week. The one week period will run from Sunday - Saturday.
  • Individuals will only be issued (1) beach fire permit per day. 
  • Beach Fire permits are non-refundable.

General Rules and Procedures

  • Permits are valid between 6:00 pm and 12:00 am on the date they are issued.
  • Fires should be more than 50 feet from any beach grass, vegetation, fence, walking mat, building, or permanent structures, and 100 feet from any lifeguard stand.
  • Fires are required to be properly extinguished with water in the event of sudden high winds or other adverse weather conditions.
  • The applicant to whom the fire permits were issued to must be present, with identification, at all times during the fire.
  • Permits are for small cooking fires only, no bonfires.  A beach fire must be less than 30 inches in diameter and less than 24 inches high.
  • Permits may be revoked for any reason by the Truro Recreation and Beach Department, Truro Police Department, Truro Fire and Rescue Department.
  • Problems during or after the fire are the responsibility of the applicant. For emergencies call 911.
  • Only clean wood may be used, no chemically treated wood, or wood with paint or nails, nor wood or plastic pallets are authorized. Do not throw metal, plastic, or glass items into the fire.
  • Fires should be on the town of Truro’s portion of the beach, not on private beaches or on the property of the National Seashore.
  • Never leave beach fires unattended.
  • Only extinguish beach fires with water.
  • Do not cover the beach fire with sand.
  • Glass containers are prohibited on all town beaches.
  • Clean up your area completely before leaving the beach. Properly dispose of all trash in the provided trash receptacles. Please place recyclables in proper containers.
  • Vehicles may not drive on a Truro beach without a Truro O.R.V. permit. Truro O.R.V. permits entitle the holder to drive on designated Truro beaches. For more information concerning O.R.V.'s click HERE.
  • Camping or sleeping on the beach or in a town beach parking lot is prohibited.
  • Violation(s) of any of the above regulations will result in a fine and or arrest.

Useful Items to Bring

  • Flashlight
  • 5 gallon water bucket
  • Acceptable fire wood
  • Shovel