Housing Authority

General Information

In accordance with the Charter passed at ATE, April 22, 1992, Chapter 6, Section 3, Paragraph 1 (c), this shall be an elected position. Meetings are as needed at Town Hall.

About the Housing Authority

In keeping with the affordable housing goals of the Town Comprehensive Plan (2007), the Truro Housing Authority (THA) promotes decent, safe, affordable housing for rental or purchase to meet the needs of present and future Truro residents. THA encourages and supports affordable housing that can serve a variety of needs, including elderly residents, families with children, couples, singles and municipal employees. We work with other towns and with State and regional agencies to support affordable housing at the regional level. We will also propose necessary zoning and regulatory changes to encourage the development of affordable rental units and homes for Truro residents. Our activities are funded by the Community Preservation Act and Town Meeting appropriations, HOME Consortium Grants and the Truro Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

Board Members

Name Title
Mary Rose Member ATE-2023
Mara Glatzel Member ATE-2026
Paul Wisotzky State Representative-Term Expires June 15, 2025
Kevin Grunwald Chair ATE-2027
Elizabeth Gallo Member-ATE 2025