Commission on Disabilities

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Truro Commission on Disabilities

Meets second Friday of each month at 3 PM at the COA

Mission: To increase community awareness about disability issues and to encourage accessibility for all.

Do you need to borrow medical equipment? Contact the COA

Are you looking for an accessible beach? Handicapped Accessible Beaches are listed on the town's website:

General Information

Passed at STM, Art. 11, June 30, 1992. In accordance with Public Law 101.336, commonly called the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. This committee is governed by MGL Chapter 40, Section 8J. Appointments made by the Board of Selectmen.Meetings held 3rd Weds. At 3:00 pm at the COA. ATM 4/11/00 increased membership by (2), for a total of (7).

Board Members

Name Title
Susan Howe Chair -Appointment expires 6/30/2022
Vacancy Full Member Unexpired Term- Full Member-Appointment expires 6/30/2020
Peter Graham Member-Appointment expires 6/30/2020
Amy Rogers Member-Appointment expires 6/30/2020
Hannah King Member-Appointment expires 6/30/2021
Mary Abt Member-Appointment expires 6/30/2022