Human Services Committee

General Information

The Human Services Committee will provide review and oversight of the budget requests and contractual services provided by human services agencies seeking funding to provide assistance to the residents of the Town of Truro; to make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen as to annual funding allocations, contract requirements and services provided; such a review and recommendations to be completed prior to the annual budget work-up sessions; to provide similar review for new human services agencies seeking to be added to the Town budget; and provided that future budget requests will be contained in the Omnibus Budget with a specific line item account number for Purchase of Services; and further that said committee will be composed of five members appointed by the Board of Selectmen, one of whom will be a member of the Finance Committee.; two members being appointed for one year, two members being appointed for two years, one member being appointed for three years, and all subsequent appointments being for three years, with the Town Administrator serving as an ex-officio member.

Board Members

Name Title
Patricia Wheeler Secretary-Appointment expires 6/30/2021
Martin Thomas Chair-Appointment expires 6/30/2022
Sally Tighe Member-Appointment expires 6/30/2023
Rae Ann Palmer Ex-Officio
Richard Wood Finance Committee Rep. Appointment expires 6/30/2023
Madelyn Cordeiro Member-Appointment Expires 6/30/2023