Historic Review Board

General Information

**Note-The folding of the Truro Historic Review Board into the Truro Historical Commission was adopted at Annual Town Meeting, April 25, 2017 and approved by Kelli E. Gunagan, Assistant Attorney General on October 16, 2017.  This page is left as a historical reference for minutes, etc.**

The Historical Review Board, in consultation with the Truro Historical Commission, reviews demolition request permits submitted by the Truro Building Commissioner. Under Truro’s Preserving Historic Properties Bylaw a “Significant Building” that is subject to review is defined as:

  1. Any building or structure listed on the National or State Register of Historic Places, or the subject of a pending application for such a listing.
  2. Any building constructed in whole or in part 75 years or more prior to the date of application for a demolition permit; or
  3. Any building determined jointly by the Historical Review Board and the Truro Historical Commission to be a significant building either because:
    • It is historically or architecturally significant in terms of period, style, method of building construction, or association with a famous architect; or
    • It is importantly associated with one or more historic persons or events, or with the broad architectural, cultural, political, economic or social history of the Town or the Commonwealth.

While not all demolition requests are considered subject to review, Public Hearings are held for properties determined to meet these criteria. The purpose of the hearings is to meet with property owners and/or their architects to seek and evaluate the feasibility of alternatives to demolition. If the owner can prove that alternatives to demolition are not feasible or if such alternatives are not found during the mandated one-year review period, then the Historical Review Board can authorize the Building Commissioner to approve the demolition request.

For specifics of the review requirements under the bylaw, please see the separate document, Preserving Historic Properties Bylaw. Please also refer to the webpage for the Truro Historical Commission for accessing an inventory of Truro’s historic properties.

In accordance with STM, June 18, 1997, Art.6, subsequently approved the Attorney General's Office on September 24, 1997, the Board of Selectmen shall appoint (3) people chosen for their interest in and knowledge of historic buildings and structures - as well as consulting with the Truro Historical Commission. Membership amended on 3/5/2003 to five members. The term of office shall be initially for a one, two and three year term-then for three years thereafter. Meetings held as needed.

Board Members