Licensing Department

New procedures for submittal of applications while Town Hall is closed

  • Are you operating a condominium, cottage colony, motel, campground, lodging house, gas station, or retail store? Click here.
  • Are you operating a food service establishment (other than a mobile food vendor - see below)? Click here.
  • Are you a mobile food vendor? Click here.
  • Do you have an entertainment license? Click here.
  • Does your establishment operate a swimming pool and/or hot tub? Click here.
  • Does your establishment sell tobacco and/or tobacco products? Click here.
  • Are you changing your manager for your condominium, cottage colony, motel or campground? Click here.
  • Do you operate a recreational camp for children? Click here.
  • Catering an event in Truro? Send an email to or with the date, time and location of the event along with a small description of the menu.


Combined Farmers Market & Temporary Food Service Application


Septic Installers/Refuse/Septage Haulers Applications

Select Board License Applications

The following applications should be submitted to the Administrative/Select Board Office, located on the main floor at Town Hall.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Nicole Tudor 508-214-0925, Fax: 508-349-5505
Noelle Scoullar 508-214-0936
Elizabeth Sturdy 508-214-0935