Board of Registrars

Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) Chapter 51 Section 15 requires that in every city and town, other than one having a board of election commissioners or an election commission, a Board of Registrars of Voters.

Registrars must meet the following qualifications:

• Must be a registered voter in the city or town where appointed unless regularly employed by the registrars:  MGL Chapter 51 Section 25

• Must hold no other office in the city or town where he/she is a registrar either by election or by direct appointment by the mayor, selectmen, or city/town manager or hold an office by election or appointment under the government of the United States or of the Commonwealth, except for towns with less than 2000 residents:  MGL Chapter 51 Section 25

• Must subscribe an oath to faithfully perform the duties of registrar:  MGL Chapter 51 Section 23

Board Members

Name Title
Elizabeth Sturdy Member-Appointment expires 6/30/2026
Heather Harper Member-Appointment expires 3/30/2025
Francis Johnson Member-Appointment expires 3/30/2025
Elisabeth Verde Town Clerk