Shellfish Department

General Information

The Shellfish Department’s primary function is to provide, protect, and nourish the shellfisheries in the Town of Truro. The main duties include the following:

  • Purchasing and planting of shellfish stock for the public shellfish beds (there are no private shellfish beds in the Town of Truro)
  • Protection of public shellfish beds from predators including moon snails, green crabs, and starfish
  • Patrol of shellfish flats to enforce shellfish regulations (illegal taking of shellfish)
  • Water quality testing of shellfish beds with the state Division of Marine Fisheries

Where to Purchase Shellfish Licenses

Shellfishing Licenses can be purchased at Truro Town Hall, 24 Town Hall Road, Selectmen's Office, Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm.

Fees for Licenses

  • 7 Day-One Week License ($25.00) 
  • Resident Annual ($15.00)
  • Non-Resident Annual ($100.00)
  • Senior-Resident 62 and older (free).  
  • Licenses are valid from November 1st to October 31st.
Shellfish Beds will be closing Sunday March 29, 2020  in the Pamet Harbor Area 


Anthony Jackett, Harbormaster/Shellfish Constable