Shellfish Department

General Information

The Shellfish Department’s primary function is to provide, protect, and nourish the shellfisheries in the Town of Truro. The main duties include the following:

  • Purchasing and planting of shellfish stock for the public shellfish beds (there are no private shellfish beds in the Town of Truro)
  • Protection of public shellfish beds from predators including moon snails, green crabs, and starfish
  • Patrol of shellfish flats to enforce shellfish regulations (illegal taking of shellfish)
  • Water quality testing of shellfish beds with the state Division of Marine Fisheries

Where to Purchase Shellfish Licenses

Shellfishing Licenses can be purchased by calling 508-349-7004,(Extensions 110, 124 or 121) Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm.

Fees for Licenses

  • 7 Day-One Week License ($25.00) 
  • Resident Annual ($15.00)
  • Non-Resident Annual ($100.00)
  • Senior-Resident 62 and older (free).  
  • Licenses are valid from November 1st to October 31st.
Shellfish Beds will be closing Sunday March 29, 2020  in the Pamet Harbor Area 


Anthony Jackett, Harbormaster/Shellfish Constable