Staff Directory

NameTitlePhoneEMail Address
Areson, SusanSelect Board
Beebe, EmilyHealth/Conservation Agent
Brazil, Scott

Building Department, Building Inspector
Brazil, TrudiAccounting Department, Town
Briscoe, Mary-Elizabeth Council on Aging, Director
Budnick, LynneBuilding Department, Office
Cabral, JarrodDepartment of Public Works,
Calise, JamiePolice Department, Police Chief
Clements, DamionRecreation/Beach Departments,
Collins, TimFire Department, Fire
Cutler, EltonCouncil on Aging, Outreach and Resource
Cowing, AlexAssistant Program
Davis, ArozanaHealth/Conservation Departments,
Farrell, OlgaAssessor
Fogarty, MichelleBuilding/Health/Conservation Departments, Office
Ford, TriciaPublic Library,
Francis, TamiAccounting Department, Assistant
Geiges, LauraAssistant Assessor/Data
Grunwald, KevinTruro Housing Authority

Grunwald, Shawn

Council on Aging, Transportation Coordinator
Joseph, SusanClerk/Treasurer/Collector Departments, Office Assistant
Kaelberer, MichaelDepartment of Public Works, Office
King, TimDepartment of Public Works,
Micks, ChelseaCouncil on Aging, Office
Moriarty, JoanCouncil on Aging, Board/
Nahas, JonPrincipal
Nunes, EricaRecreation/Beach Departments, Assistant
Palmer, Rae AnnTown
Public Records RequestsRecords Access
Reed, KristenSelect Board

Rein, StephanieSelect Board

Ribeiro, JeffreyTown
Scoullar, NoelleTown Administration, Executive Assistant        
Slade, CynthiaClerk/Treasurer/Collector Departments, Town
Stevens, MollyClerk/Treasurer/Collector Departments, Office
Stevens, RichBuilding Department, Building

Sturdy, Elizabeth

Office Assistant 3: Financial and Executive Staff Support

508 214-0935
Sullivan-Clark, KellyAssistant Town
Tudor, NicoleTown Administration, Executive Assistant    
Weinstein, RobertSelect Board                                                    
Wennerberg, DavidInformation Technologies,
Worthington, JanSelect Board