Staff Directory

NameTitlePhoneEMail Address
Areson, SusanSelect Board
Beebe, EmilyHealth/Conservation Agent
Brazil, Scott

Building Department, Building Commissioner
Brazil, TrudiAccounting Department, Town
Brotman, CarlTruro Housing Authority
Budnick, LynneBuilding Department, Office
Burgess, MaureenSelect Board                                                   
Cabral, JarrodDepartment of Public Works,
Calise, JamiePolice Department, Police Chief
Clements, DamionRecreation/Beach Departments,
Collins, TimFire Department, Fire
Cutler, EltonCouncil on Aging, Outreach and Resource
Cowing, AlexAssistant Program
Davis, ArozanaHealth/Conservation Departments,
Fogarty, MichelleBuilding/Health/Conservation Departments, Office
Ford, TriciaPublic Library,
Francis, TamiAccounting Department, Assistant
Geiges, LauraAssistant Assessor/Data

Grunwald, Shawn

Council on Aging, Transportation Coordinator
Joseph, SusanClerk/Treasurer/Collector Departments, Office Assistant
Kaelberer, MichaelDepartment of Public Works, Office
King, TimDepartment of Public Works,
Moriarty, JoanCouncil on Aging, Board/
Nahas, JonPrincipal
Nunes, EricaRecreation/Beach Departments, Assistant
Palmer, Rae AnnTown
 Council on Aging, Office Assistant508-413-9507 
 Town Planner508-214-0928 
Public Records RequestsRecords Access
Reed, KristenSelect Board

Scoullar, NoelleTown Administration, Executive Assistant        
Slade, CynthiaClerk/Treasurer/Collector Departments, Town
Stevens, MollyClerk/Treasurer/Collector Departments, Office
Stevens, RichBuilding Department, Building

Sturdy, Elizabeth

Office Assistant 3: Financial and Executive Staff Support

508 214-0935
Sullivan-Clark, KellyAssistant Town
Sullivan, KathleenAssessor
Travers, SusanCouncil on Aging,
Tudor, NicoleTown Administration, Executive Assistant    
Weinstein, RobertSelect Board                                                    
Wennerberg, DavidInformation Technologies,
Worthington, JanSelect Board