Finance Department

Town Finance: Accounting, Treasurer, Assessing, Taxes
Finance Department General Information:
The Finance Department is made up of three divisions - the treasurer collector's office, accounting, and the assessor's office. There are also several committees that fall within the finance department's scope, such as the finance committee, the budget task force, and the taxation aid committee.
Here you will find finance-related information, updates, links, and more.

Treasurer/Collector General Information:
The Collector of Taxes and Treasurer are charged with the responsibility to prepare tax bills, distribute and collect taxes, and to receive other income due to the town.
Voters at the April 12, 1994 Annual Town Meeting, amended this position by adding a new Section to the Charter, 9-4-2, stating that the offices of Clerk/Treasurer/Collector shall be an appointed position after the incumbent's term expires on May 20, 1997.

Accounting Department General Information:
The Town Accountant is appointed by the town manager under the provisions of MGL, Chapter 41, Sec. 55, and in conformity with the provisions of the Truro Town Charter, Chapter 5,  Sec. 4, Paragraph 5. Term of appointment is three (3) years.



Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Alex Lessin Finance Director / Treasurer Collector 508 214-0924
Trudi Brazil Town Accountant/ Accounting Department 508 214-0934
Tami Francis Assistant Accountant/Accounting Department 508 214-0931