Council on Aging

General Information

The Truro Council on Aging administers the various programs provided to enhance the health and well being of our Senior Citizens.


The mission of the Truro Council on Aging is to identify the needs and interests of the community's elderly; to educate the community and enlist support and participation of all citizens concerning these needs and interests; to design, promote, and carry out programs; and to coordinate existing services within our community.

Board Members

Name Title
Bonnie Sollog Chair-Appointment expires 6/30/2019
Girard Smith Treasurer-Appointment expires 6/30/2018
Joan Moriarity Member-Appointment expires 6/30/2019
Catherine Staff Vice Chair-Appointment expires 6/30/2018
Claudia Tuckey Member-Appointment expires 6/30/2020
Hannah Shrand Member-Appointment expires 6/30/2020
Marla Perkel Member-Appointment expires 6/30/2020
Lucy Brown Member-Appointment expires 6/30/2020
Vacancy Alternate Member

Staff Contacts



(508 )487-2462 ext. 312

Outreach & Resource Coordinator

(508 )487-2462 ext. 313

Transportation Coordinator

(508)487-2462 ext. 320

COA-Office Assistant

(508)487-2462 ext. 310