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Short-Term Rental Online Permitting 
A rental is considered short-term if it is anything 120 days or less

Welcome to our new online permitting system for Short-Term Rentals

Once the application is complete, you will receive a "Pending" email 

Once your application is approved you will receive an "Approved" email

Having trouble registering your home?  Call Harmari's Customer Service # at 1-877-352-3277 x5

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What you need before you apply:

Short Term Rental Permitting has moved online. Be be sure to complete the following prior to starting your application as Board of Health regulations have change;

  • Step 1: If you use a private well you will now be required to have a test done within the last year. More information on the process found here
  • Step 2: Proof of MassTaxConnect Certificate of Good Standing. More information on how to obtain one can be found here.

What is Harmari?

Harmari Short Term Rental is a software tool that provides short-term rental compliance solutions to cities, counties, and states. It is a powerful platform that helps local governments process applications online, collect fees online, monitor short-term rental activity, and enforce compliance regulations. Harmari Short Term Rental uses advanced data analysis and artificial intelligence technology to gather data from various sources, such as online vacation rental platforms, to identify and track illegal or unregistered short-term rentals.

The platform is used to identify rental properties that are not in compliance with local regulations and to ensure that property owners have the proper permits and licenses. This can help to prevent safety and health hazards, over-occupancy, and other issues associated with short-term rental properties.

Harmari Short Term Rental also includes features to streamline the registration and compliance process for property owners, allowing them to easily apply or renew rental online, and ensure their properties meet local safety and health standards.


Town of Truro Bylaw Ch. II Section 1 : Renting or Leasing Buildings (Click here)

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