The Town of Truro encourages residents and visitors to sign up for Alert Truro--a new communications system that will provide emergency and public service alerts. Alert Truro is a program of Rave Mobile Safety that invites citizens to sign up to receive notifications to their email, landline phone or to their cell phone (via text and/or call). The system is managed by the Town of Truro and will allow the Town to communicate with community residents during emergencies. Citizens may voluntarily submit additional information about their property or families that will provide crucial details to first responders in emergency situations. The system will provide up-to-the-moment emergency updates to the public and will help emergency responders better respond to critical situations in Truro.

Citizens who register can expect notifications about road closures, storms, and shark sightings, as well as reminders about Town Meeting and other announcements. Please register for Alert Truro by clicking on the red emergency alert symbol on the main page of the Town of Truro website or by clicking here.