Planning Board

The Planning Board is responsible for administration of the Subdivision Control Laws as set forth in Massachusetts General laws Chapter 41 and the Truro Rules and Regulations Governing the Subdivision of Land. The Planning Board also is the Special Permit Granting Authority for Communication Structures, Wind Generators, Large-Scale Ground-Mounted Photovoltaic Arrays and Affordable Accessory Dwelling Units and the Board issues permits for Temporary Signs.

Board Members

Name Title
Steve Sollog Chair-Appointment expires ATE 2017
Jack Riemer Member-Appointment expires-ATE 2020
R. Bruce Boleyn Member-Appointment expires ATE 2018
Michael Roderick Member-Appointment expires ATE 2019
Paul Kiernan Member-Appointment expires ATE 2017
Peter Herridge Member-Appointment expires ATE 2021
Vacancy- Alternate
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