Select Board Office Hours

Board of Selectmen Office Hours


Savory and the Sweet EscapeThursday-February 20th12:30-1:30 pm with Jan Worthington
Community Center-COA LuncheonTuesday-February 25th12:30-1:30 pm with Robert Weinstein
Community Center-COA LuncheonTuesday-March 10th12:00-1:00 pm with Robert Weinstein
Truro Town Hall-Select Board Meeting RoomTuesday-March 10th4:00-5:00 pm with Kristen Reed
Community Center-COA Luncheon-CANCELLEDTuesday-March 17th12:00-1:00 pm with Susan Areson
Truro Town Hall-Select Board Meeting Room-CANCELLEDTuesday-March 24th4:00-5:00 pm with Kristen Reed