Summer REC Youth Program

Summer Program 2017 - A TRU-NIQUE Experience!





Please contact us if you have a question about registration
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Our program offers games, activities, challenges, theme days, and field trips. Our goal at Truro Recreation is to provide quality programming that benefits the Truro community. At the Summer Program, we strive to provide a safe and supervised environment that encourages friendships, physical activity, learning, and fun. Our different activities aim to nourish interactions between old faces and new faces, younger children and older children, and all kids and staff members. These interactions promote friendships and discourage all forms of bullying—something that we take very seriously at Truro Rec.

We operate two programs—the Children’s Program (ages 5-11) and a Teen Program. To be in the Teen Program, participants must be between 12 and 14 years old. Eleven-year olds may be eligible for the Teen Program if permission is granted by the staff. The Teen Program has separate trips and activities from the Children’s Program, however, some activities include both the Teen and Children’s Programs.

Preseason:              June 26 - June 30 
                                  8:00 am - 4:00 pm - Truro Community Center

Preseason Themes:

Monday, June 26:           Winter Wonderland Day
Tuesday, June 27:           Harry Potter Day
Wednesday, June 28:      Disney Day
Thursday, June 29:          Eco / Green Day
Friday, June 30:               Patriotic Day

Summer Program:  July 5 - August 18 (No Program on July 3 and 4)
                                 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

                                 AM Program (8 am-12:30 pm) held at Truro Central School

                                 PM Program (12:30 pm-4 pm) held at Truro Central School

Postseason:           August 21- August 29
                                 8:00 am - 4:00 pm - Truro Community Center

For an additional fee of $5 per child per day you may extend your child's pick up time to 5:30pm. Pre-registration is required on the Monday prior to the week you are requesting. All requests received on the day must be approved by the Coordinator and will receive a $5.00 surcharge which must be paid that day.

Truro Recreation tries to incorporate challenging and stimulating activities into our daily events where we can learn and work together while still having fun as usual. 

At “Rec,” we love to try new things, whether outside on the field or inside in the art room and we encourage kids to do the same. While we don’t usually require kids to participate in all activities, we do encourage that they come prepared to participate or at least give them a try. Certain activities (including activities on field trips) may be required, however, to ensure safety and supervision of all kids.

Some of our favorite parts of the program are theme days. Theme days include Carnival Day, Luau Day, Crazy Clothes Day and more.   

The Truro Recreation Summer Program is held everyday—rain or shine. If there is rain before the start of the AM Program and an outdoor field trip was scheduled, the Program will take place at Truro Central School. For up-to-date information regarding changes due to weather, please call us at (508) 487-1632.

Our goal is to have a fun summer while keeping everyone safe, so we need all children to respect the rules, the counselors, each other, and themselves. If everyone does this then we are sure to have the best summer yet

Morning Meeting And Age Groups:

In an effort to best serve our participants, we have incorporated some time for children to interact with other participants specifically in their age group. Each morning at approximately 9 am, children will report to a designated area by age to participate in a brief morning meeting. This time will be used differently for each age group but will focus on relationship building, going over the daily schedule and giving the children an opportunity to provide input about the program.  There will be staff members designated to work with each group during morning meetings over the course of the summer. Age groups may also be used for special activities.

Throughout the rest of the day the children have the ability to choose which activities they would like to participate in from a few options. These activities are generally open to children of any age.

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