Abatement Information-Real Estate / Personal Property

An abatement is a reduction in taxes. If you feel your property is overvalued and you would like to request an abatement of Property taxes please read the Instructions for requesting a Property Tax Abatement and complete the Application. Also reading the documents below are good resources as well as contacting the Assessing department with any questions. We will contact you to schedule an inspection of the property. This process is also found on your Tax Bill and the Application for Abatement.  Applications for Real and Personal Property Abatements are due on Nov 1st or 30 days from the date of the first Tax Bill of the Fiscal Year, whichever is later. ABATEMENTS FOR FISCAL YEAR 2022 ARE DUE MONDAY NOVEMBER 1, 2021 @ 4PM.  

Abatement Application for Real and Personal Property Tax

FY22 Abatement Instructions

Your Property Assessment FY22

You and Your Property Tax

How to Understand Your Property Record Card

FY22 Sales Information