Swimmers and Waders

be cautious of potential rip currents and aware that there are sharks in this area
Beach Safety!

Please remember that the ocean waters are home to a variety of potentially hazardous marine life to include seals, jellyfish, sharks, etc. In the past decade the Cape Cod region, especially Truro, has observed an increased population of grey and harbor seals. The region has become home to many of the seals for several months every year. The increased seal population has attracted great white sharks, which depend on seals as the staple of their diet. Please remember to use caution when swimming and follow some basic guidelines. 

· Do Not Swim Near Seals

· Swim Close To Shore

· Do Not Swim Alone

· Avoid Swimming at Dusk/Dawn

If you believe you view a shark and you’re at a beach with a lifeguard, report the sighting to the lifeguard. If there isn’t a lifeguard on duty, report the sighting to the local law enforcement as soon as practical - Truro Police Department (508)487-8730. If someone is in the water, get their attention and call them out of the water.